Bumping into Bumblebees

This year’s So Cal rainy season has been tremendous for plants and wildlife. The oak trees are covered with flowers and the hillsides are experiencing a super bloom. Before the rains, the Carrizo Plain looked like this:

Pronghorns at the Carrizo Plain in February 2022. (Photo by E. Wallace)

One year later, the Carrizo Plain looks like this:

Goldfields cover hillsides in April 2023 at the Carrizo Plain. (Photo by E. Wallace)

Even my little front garden is filled with flowers that are spilling onto the pathways. I can’t walk around my landscape without bumping into a lupine or hearing the deep buzz of native bumblebees gathering pollen.

Poppies, artemisia, and lupines growing in the front landscape. (Photo by E. Wallace)

The California Native Plant Society Orange County Chapter is hosting three terrific field trips next month. Don’t miss your chance to get outside with friends and experience the abundance of flowers after the epic rainy season of 2022/23. Go to occnps.org to check out the May field trips. I hope to see you there.

Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park pond has water after being dry for 20 years. (Photo by G. Turner)

4 responses to “Bumping into Bumblebees”

  1. Hey, my sleepy hollow picture!


    1. Thanks for sharing your great photo of the pond near Sleepy Hollow.


  2. Your lupine are gorgeous!!


    1. Thanks! This rainy season seems to have really benefitted lupines. They are everywhere!


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