How is Your Buckwheat Growing?

The California Native Plant Society Orange County Chapter (OCCNPS) completed their free giveaway of native California buckwheat plants to Orange County renters and homeowners. OCCNPS gave away one free California buckwheat per homeowner through June 1, 2020. Why? Because when homeowners install native plants, the home landscape becomes a healthy environment for birds, butterflies, and pollinators.

Bernardino Blue butterfly on California buckwheat. (C. Wright)

Did you know that California is a diversity hotspot with more native plant species than any other state in the nation? The stunning array of gorgeous native plant varieties can make it difficult to select the best native plants for your garden. OCCNPS chose the ‘Dana Point’ selection of the California buckwheat to give away to homeowners because it is a long-blooming and garden-friendly shrub.

New buckwheat from the Fullerton giveaway event installed in the garden. (S. Bressler)

California buckwheats (Eriogonum fasciculatum) flower from spring through fall, providing valuable nectar and forage for pollinators, butterflies, and other animals. Buckwheats are covered with creamy white flowers and grow in a mounding form that perfectly accents slopes or planter areas. They grow in any soil, require no fertilizer or herbicides, and require little water once established.

Masked bee visits a buckwheat flower. (K. Ethington)

If you picked up a free buckwheat, let us know how it is doing in your garden. Send a photo and write a comment about how your buckwheat is growing.

One of many clusters of blossoms on California buckwheat. (R. Vanderhoff)

Stay safe and be well. Enjoy the garden this summer.